Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hitchcock - A Film Preservation, For The Love Of Film, Blogathon Post.

Hitchcock The World Over.

This year, the third National Film Preservation, For the Love of Film Blogathon, celebrates director Alfred Hitchcock. Film bloggers, over one hundred, are posting on everything and anything Hitch. It is the goal of this blogathon to help raise funds for the Foundation's restoration project,  The White Shadow (1924). The film was directed by Graham Cutts, but Hitchcock wrote, assistant-directed, and was involved on many aspects of the production. The goal is to raise $15,000 to stream this once-lost, now-found, three-reel fragment online, free to all, and to record the score by Michael Mortilla. Just click on Donate  and you will be taken to site where you can give whatever you can afford to this wonderful National Film Preservation project.

My small contribution features posters of a number of Hitchcock films. However, none of these posters were seen by U.S. audiences. Most are European, but there are also examples from South America, Japan, and Australia. 

Click on the images for a larger view.

Dial M For Murder - Belgium

Dial M For Murder - Italy

Dial M For Murder - France

Frenzy - Japan

I Confess - Belgium

Marnie - Germany

North by Northwest - Belgium

North by Northwest - Japan

North by Northwest - France

Notorious - France

Vertigo - Australia

The Paradine Case - Spain

Psycho - Germany

Rear Window - Belgium

Spellbound - Argentina

Stage Fright - Italy

The Wrong Man - Belgium

Torn Curtain - Belgium

Family Plot - Japan

Hitchcock Festival in Italy.
This poster was given to me by a friend who attended 
the festival and it has been hanging in our house since 1979.

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Joe Thompson said...

Thank you. It was interesting to try to translate the titles the films received in other languages. I particularly liked the last photo for the Hitchcock festival. I wonder where the cat came from.

Grand Old Movies said...

Fascinating to see how other countries try visually to depict a Hitchcock story. I liked how the Belgian poster for 'Dial M for Murder' prominently features Hitchcock and his floating hand, as if to suggest he's the 'hidden hand' behind the plot. Oddly, the same country's poster for 'I Confess' doesn't convey one of the story's most important points, that Clift plays a priest. Great idea for the Blogathon!

Feminema said...

Fantastic collection -- and Joe's right about what a fascinating series of international titles this is. Makes you realize that Hitchcock's often terse English-language titles don't translate to other languages so easily.

But best of all is the art. I could look at these posters all day. Thanks so much for a terrific post -- and isn't this exactly why we need blog-a-thons like this: to get to know one another's blogs!

Tietie007 said...

Sympa, ces affiches.

DG media said...

excellent collection!

Unknown said...

It's the first time today that I see your blog: my God, how wonderful it is! Congrats!
I would be part of the blogathon with the text I wrote about RICH AND STRANGE. How can I participate?

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks for sharing these striking posters.